Butler Place







  • Beds: Studio

    Baths: 1

    Price: $485

    Square Footage: 353

    Deposit: $500


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  • Beds: 1

    Baths: 1

    Price: $585

    Square Footage: 455

    Deposit: $600


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  • Beds: 1

    Baths: 1

    Price: $650

    Square Footage: 638

    Deposit: $700


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Butler Place

5230 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Call: 317-322-1322

Butler Place

Apartment Amenities

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Timeless Lighting
  • 2" Blinds
  • Spacious Closets
  • European Style Kitchens
  • Subway Tile Backsplashes
  • Stainless Appliances
  • Over Range Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Tiled Restroom w/Soaking Tub

Estate Amenities

  • Luxury Gym
  • Garage Parking Available
  • Laundry Lounge
  • Indoor Bicycle Parking
  • Historic District
  • Urban Farming
  • Intercom System
  • Smoke-Free Community
  • Timeless Decor

Leasing Information


Pets Welcome Cats and Dogs Welcome

1 Year

Spacious apartments just minutes from Downtown.

We at Reverie Estates own and manage all of our properties. We work hard to develop great relationships with our residents.

In the July 4, 1925 issue of The Indiana Construction Recorder, the following announcement appeared:

“Apt Bldg $170,000 East Wash & Audubon Rd. Private Plans. Owner: Wash-Audubon Realty Co., J.G. Brannum, c/o Brannum-Keene Lumber Co, 3506 E. Wash; Roland M. Cotton (heating & plumbing contr), 1720 E. 10th; T.B. Brydon (contractor), 124 S. Bolton; H.W. Brydon (contractor), 124 S. Bolton; Edson T. Wood (real estate), 48 Delaware.  Plans in progress.  Start work soon.  Owner will build and award separate contracts.  Brick, concrete, steel, tile floors, comp. roof, steam heat, incinerator, apt. equip.”

Such were the beginnings of one of Irvington’s permier housing complexes, the 37-unit Washington-Audubon Apartments.

A year earlier, in 1924, Theodore B. Brydon had built the 14-unit Elizabeth Ann Apartments at 5819 E. Washington Stree.  With this new project, he began a partnership with Joseph G. Brannum that would construct additional projects in the coming years including the 42-unit Arlington-Washington Apartments at 5901 E. Washington Street (1926) and the 52-unit Butler Apartments at 5230 E. Washington Street (1927).

Apartment tenants in Irvington reflected the community as a whole.  Doctors, lawyers, teachers and other business professionals lived next door to store clerks, sales persons, railroaders, and factory workers.  The Washington-Audubon was no exception.  Early residents, who paid rents from $47.50 to $59.00 a month ($571 to $717 adjusted to 2007 dollars according to austintxgensoc.org), included:

Apt #1: Richard E. Brann, business manager from American Legion Weekly.

Apt #2: Charles E. Baker (Anna), traveling salesman.

Apt #3: Frank E. Stoddard, superintendent, Paper package Co.

Apt #4: Clarence E. Delzell (Mary), mechanic.

Apt #5: J. Frank Browne (Thelma), clerk.

Apt #6: Horace G. Greer, train dispatcher.

Apt #7: John Hinel, polisher.

Apt #8: Fred L. McAninch (Lilly), dentist, 8 1/2 E. Washington Street.

Apt #9: Ralph L. Becker, salesman.

Apt #10: Bert W. Hibner (Mary), delivery department manager, L.S. Ayres & Co.

Apt #11: Wilred J. Porter, salesman.

Apt #12: Nicholas Hubiak, agent, John Handcock Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Apt #14: Harley G. Hypes (Catherine), salesman.

Apt #15: Robert D. McRaven, salesman, Pathe Exchange Co.

Apt #16: William A. Dickson (Helen), dentist, 4808 E. Michigan Street.

Apt #17: William H. Zaiser, representative, Federal Finance Corp.

Apt #18: Fred W. Graham (Alla L), electroplater, Patterson Engraving Co.

Apt #19: Samuel O. Smart (Dorothy J), commercial artist, Rhoades Humphreys Studio.

Apt #20: Thomas Schwaim, salesman, Perfection Paint & Color Co.

Apt #21: Edward G. Glaser, foreman, Klieber-Dawson Machine Co.

Apt #22: William C. Bright, clerk.

Apt #23: Alfred L. LaRocque, clerk, Standard Oil Co.

Apt #24: Emil E. Linegar (Ruth), assistant department manager, Eli Lilly & Co.

Apt #25: William S. Arbuckle, salesman, Hydraulic Press Brick Co.

Apt #26: Edward L. Mitchell, salesman, Carlin Music Co.

Apt #27: Erman E. Reese (Bertha D.), brakeman.

Apt #28: Mrs. Mary M. Day, widow of Charles Day.

Apt #29: Sheridan R. Sayles, mechanical engineer, Rockwood Manufacturing Co.

Apt #30: Russell F. Lindeman (Gladys R.), salesman, Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Apt #31: Harry M. Mountain (Kathryn), special agent, Aetna Insurance Co.

Apt #32: Mrs. Flo J. Hoyt

Apt #33: Lulu M. Springer

Apt #34: Roy E. Horton, bookkeeper, Fletcher American National Bank.

Apt #35: Louis F. Weintraut (Bertha), plumber.

Apt #36: Horace A. Lingo.

Apt #37: Mrs. Mabel C. Heckman, supervisor, Eli Lilly & Co.

Irvington apartment buildings provided long-term as well as transitional housing accomodations.  Tenants at Washington-Audubon consisted of individuals who lived temporarily in Irvington, women who relocated to an apartment from their Irvington homes after the death of their husbands, and young families who lived in an apartment until they could move into their Irvington home.

(Prepared in June of 2007 by Steven R. Barnett, Executive Director, Irvington Historical Society, and Curator, Bona Thompson Memorial Center)